downward movement

downward movement
рух донизу

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  • downward — [[t]da͟ʊnwə(r)d[/t]] 1) ADJ: ADJ n A downward movement or look is directed towards a lower place or a lower level. → See also downwards ...a firm downward movement of the hands. Ant: upward 2) ADJ: ADJ n If you refer to a downward trend, you mean …   English dictionary

  • movement — n. organized effort to attain a goal 1) to launch a movement 2) to support a movement 3) to oppose; suppress a movement 4) a civil rights; consumer; feminist, women s; labor; peace; political; radical; revolutionary; social movement 5) a movement …   Combinatory dictionary

  • downward — down|ward1 [ daunwərd ] adverb * toward a lower place or level: He looked downward. face downward 1. ) lying on the front of your body: He found her lying face downward on her bed. 2. ) lying on the side that normally faces up: She placed the… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • movement — noun 1 act of moving ADJECTIVE ▪ big ▪ little, slight, small, tiny ▪ The eyes of predators are highly sensitive to the slightest movement. ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • downward — I UK [ˈdaʊnwə(r)d] / US [ˈdaʊnwərd] adjective [usually before noun] * going towards a lower place or level a downward slope/movement a downward trend in interest rates downward spiral: The region has been in a downward economic spiral since then …   English dictionary

  • downward — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} adj. Downward is used with these nouns: ↑curve, ↑direction, ↑mobility, ↑momentum, ↑motion, ↑movement, ↑plunge, ↑pressure, ↑pull, ↑revision, ↑slide, ↑ …   Collocations dictionary

  • downward — [ˈdaʊnwəd] adj I going towards a lower place or level Ant: upward a downward slope/movement[/ex] II adv American downward [ˈdaʊnwəd] downwards …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • movement — 1. The act of motion; said of the entire body or of one or more of its members or parts. 2. SYN: stool. 3. SYN: defecation. [L. moveo, pp. motus, to move] active m. 1. m. effected by the organism itself, unaided by external influences. 2. in… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ease Of Movement — A technical momentum indicator that is used to illustrate the relationship between the rate of an asset s price change and its volume. This indicator attempts to identify the amount of volume required to move prices. Generally a value greater… …   Investment dictionary

  • odontoptosis — Downward movement of an upper tooth due to the loss of its lower antagonist(s). SEE ALSO: supereruption. [odonto + G. ptosis, a falling] …   Medical dictionary

  • lessivage —   downward movement of clay particles through a soil in suspension as water passes through …   Geography glossary

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